Alfred’s War<br>
Alfred’s War

Alfred’s War is a powerful story that unmasks the lack of recognition given to Australian Indigenous servicemen who returned from the WWI battlelines.

Alfred was just a young man when he was injured and shipped home from France. Neither honoured as a returned soldier or offered government support afforded to non-Indigenous servicemen, Alfred took up a solitary life walking the back roads billy tied to his swag, finding work where he could.


Alfred was a forgotten soldier. Although he had fought bravely in the Great War, as an Aboriginal man he wasn’t classed as a citizen of his own country.


Yet Alfred always remembered his friends in the trenches and the mateship they had shared. Sometimes he could still hear the never-ending gunfire in his head and the whispers of diggers praying. Every year on ANZAC Day, Alfred walked to the nearest town, where he would quietly stand behind the people gathered and pay homage to his fallen mates. Rachel Bin Salleh’s poignant narrative opens our hearts to the sacrifice and contribution that Indigenous people have made to Australia’s war efforts, the true extent of which is only now being revealed.

Author: Rachel Bin Salleh
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At the Beach I See<br>
At the Beach I See

This delightful book for Early Childhood will mesmerise young children and older readers. The black linework and colourful wash backgrounds work beautifully with the lyrical text. Together they introduce extraordinary creatures and birds that we can discover and observe around our Australian coastline. ‘Dancing jellyfish’, ‘scuttling crabs’, ‘beautiful shells’, ‘tangled seaweed’ and a ‘soaring kite’ evoke the wonder of our beaches and the treasures to be found.

Author: Kamsani Bin Salleh
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Black Cockatoo<br>
Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo is a vignette that follows Mia, a young Aboriginal girl as she explores the fragile connections of family and culture. She feels powerless to change the things she sees around her… until one day she rescues her totem animal, the  dirran black cockatoo, and soon discovers her own inner strength. Black Cockatoo is a wonderful small tale on the power of standing up for yourself, culture and ever-present family ties. Teachers’ notes available here

Author: Carl Merrison & Hakea Hustler
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Cinnamon Stevens – Crime Buster<br>
Cinnamon Stevens – Crime Buster

Becki vanished from our Year 7 camp last night. Went missing. Completely disappeared. It’s up to me, Cinnamon Stevens, to solve the mystery. Only one small prob. Becki and I shared a tent and I have absolutely no idea what’s happened to her. (Note to self: May need to improve powers of observation if serious about becoming a super sleuth crime buster!)

Author: Pauline Hosking
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Mikah’s Big Move<br>
Mikah’s Big Move

Mikah monkey was born cheeky and full of energy. He was also born deaf. Even though he cannot hear, this little monkey has some special skills that help him to communicate. Can you guess what they are? When Mikah learns his family is moving, he is scared and doesn’t want to go. He likes things the way they are, his routine is great! But are things as bad as Mikah thinks or does he just need a dose of bravery to make it through his latest challenge?

Author: Tabitha J. Page
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Our Last Trip to the Market<br>
Our Last Trip to the Market

What a fabulous morning to go to the market. That busker is dressed as a clown! And there’s fruit and a baker. There are people on bikes. Annabelle, please put that down… This boisterous family excursion is full of warmth, humour and delicious mischief.

Author: Lorin Clarke
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